Clara Da Costa

Around the time the 1990’s seminal Ibiza documentary, A Short Film About Chilling was first being broadcast, a 13 year old Clara da Costa was vowing to herself that one day she too would DJ on the island she’d been visiting since she was 11. Two years later, the girl who was to become what was possibly Ibiza’s most precocious ever DJ talent had run away from home and secured herself a gig in Es Paradis.

Clara Text Body Image 1Miss Bisto, as she was then known, soon earned the respect of Ibiza’s movers and shakers as she was entrusted with the residency of the Ibiza superclub. By the age of 17 she was Es Paradis’s Creative Director. This was no token or gimmicky appointment: Clara was the principle catalyst in encouraging promoters like Clockwork Orange and Up Yer Ronson to do nights at Es Paradis. These pioneers were responsible for kicking off the British promoters’ invasion upon which Ibiza clubs now depend – the young Clara’s drive and creativity had far more influence than even she could have imagined at the time. The slight confusion and mild amusement some experienced when they first realised such a young girl held such an influential position soon changed when they met her and witnessed her professionalism. More importantly though, it changed when they heard and saw her behind the decks.

Clara Text Body Image 2In her decade at the club she played with many of the world’s leading DJs, gaining their respect and friendship. This was her springboard to playing all of Ibiza’s clubs and saw her DJing around the world for a number of years. Quite simply, few DJs can boast the Ibiza pedigree of Clara Da Costa… As the new millennium arrived, Clara had her own respected labels, Green Turtle and Dopamine and was producing more and more of her own tracks, which were being championed by the likes of Pete Tong and a host of other DJs, many of whom were grateful for Clara’s help with their own early careers.

In 2005 Clara moved to Barcelona for four years, diversifying from DJing to develop her skills in A&R and as a singer/songwriter working for two of Spain’s biggest record labels (Blanco y Negro and Vale Music (Universal). She then returned to her spiritual home of Ibiza in 2009 to take back to the decks full time kicking it off with her weekly radio show which was then on Ibiza Global Radio, and playing at the worlds most famous club opening SPACE.

2010 saw Clara Da Costa taking up a new residency with the award winning Ibiza Sonica Radio (best international radio station). The Clara Da Costa show (JACKS HOUSE) is aired live every Friday evening with up to 4 million listeners a month, from 18:00-19:00 (Spanish time and an hour earlier GMT) on Occasionally Clara will invite a special guest DJ/ producer on her show that she is particularly championing. This year (2012) she shared her airtime with the likes of Miguel Campbell (Hot Creations, Outcross Records), Alex Arnout of Dogmatik Records and the legendary Mr.C Superfreq. Expect to hear an upfront mix of pure deep house on her prime time popular show, which has brought many deep house lovers together via her social networking sites.

So after another successful season in Ibiza (celebrating her 20th anniversary Djing on the island), summer 2012 saw Clara continue with her residencies at the exclusive Es Vive and Sands in Playa Den Bossa plus numerous guest slots at Privilege, Pacha and the secret beach parties that will remain a secret !

She also launched a new project on the island with her fellow Ibiza residents, Andy Baxter, Jason Bye & Alex Wolfenden called Lady & The Tramps
where all four of them can be seen playing back 2 back all night long creating an authentic Ibizan vibe.

With so many strings to her bow, where does Clara position herself?

“I love all the other stuff but first and foremost I’m simply a good house DJ. I care about people. I want to see them dance and if they’re dancing then so am I.