Ascending Angel Party, Aguas De Ibiza, Santa Eulalia

Ibiza Platinum Sound are delighted to have supplied the DJ Gear and Sound System for the fun and funky Ascending Angel party at the lovely Aguas De Ibiza 5 star hotel!









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Pioneer Release Limited Edition “Nexus Platinum Edition” Package

News Release January 22nd, 2013

Limited Production Model, mirror surface finishing, and plates inscribed with serial numbers

「CDJ-2000NXS Platinum Edition」
「DJM-900NXS Platinum Edition」
「RMX-1000 Platinum Edition」

Platinum Edition
Platinum Edition

Design aims

Pioneer is set to launch limited production run models of its “CDJ-2000NXS” (launched September 2012), “DJM-900NXS” (launched March 2011) and “RMX-1000” (launched May 2012), in the form of the “CDJ-2000NXS Platinum Edition” (CDJ-2000NXS-M), “DJM-900NXS Platinum Edition” (DJM-900NXS-M) and “RMX-1000 Platinum Edition” (RMX-1000-M).
These devices give three popular models mirror surface finishing on their top panels, making them stand out in any space with their fine quality and high class looks.
Proof of the fact that these are limited production run models can be seen in the plates inscribed with serial numbers attached to each device. The “CDJ-2000NXS Platinum Edition” will be launched with only 4,000 units for the world, while the “DJM-900NXS Platinum Edition” and “RMX-1000 Platinum Edition” will each be produced in limited runs of 2,000 units.


Features shared by all three models

Premium body with mirror surface finishing, and plates inscribed with serial numbers

Metal materials with reflective finishing are used for the top panels of the three new models set for launch. With other special design parts incorporated to match the mirror panel, such as the LED color changes of each model and the aluminum materials used for the JOG dial of the “CDJ-2000NXS Platinum Edition”, these devices stand out in any space with their fine quality and high class looks. What’s more, each and every unit features a unique plate inscribed with its serial number as proof of the fact that these models are part of a limited production run.

Platinum Edition

Main features of CDJ-2000NXS Platinum Edition

  • 1) DJ play using music stored inside Wi-Fi*1/ USB-connected smart phones and tablets
  • 2) Includes “rekordbox™” music management software convenient for managing music used in DJ play and making preparations in advance
  • 3) “PRO DJ LINK”*2 function enables content sharing and high-precision DJ performances
  • 4) Full-color LCD display for quick song selection and instant understanding of musical progression
  • 5) “SLIP” and “QUANTIZE” functions enable reliable performances without changing the flow of the original track
  • 6) “My Settings” function instantly reflects in the club settings that were customized at home
  • 7) Master tempo with sound quality faithful to the source material
  • 8) High-quality sound design reproduces clear and powerful club sound faithful to the source material
  • 9) Supports wide range of media and formats, including USB storage devices and SD memory cards
  • 10) DJ software MIDI/HID control
  • 11) “ACTIVE LOOP” function automatically starts loops when playing from set points
  • 12) “LOAD PREVIOUS TRACK” for quick return to loaded music
  • 13) “RATING ON-THE-GO” function lets you rate songs during play
  • 14) Environmentally friendly “AUTO STANDBY Function” that switches the power to standby mode when there is no operation or input for a certain period of time.



Main features of DJM-900NXS Platinum Edition

  • 1) High sound quality playback thanks to high-precision digital signal processing
    (By adopting a new high-performance crystal oscillator while retaining the high sound quality design of the “DJM-900NXS” base model, the amount of jitter in the master clock, which is the standard for digital audio processing, has been reduced to approximately 1/4 of the previous amount, and the processing precision of features such as A/D conversion, D/A conversion and DSP has also been improved. Additionally, further power supply stabilization delivers high sound quality playback that is even more faithful to the source material.)
  • 2) Equipped with “24bit/96kHz 4IN 4OUT high-performance USB sound card*3”
  • 3) “X-PAD” delivers free performance with intuitive operation of effects simply by moving one’s fingertips
  • 4) “PRO DJ LINK” function enables high-precision DJ performances by connecting*4 with players
  • 5) Highly durable “high-performance channel fader”
  • 6) 6 types of “SOUND COLOR FX” and 13 types of “BEAT EFFECT”
  • 7) Environmentally friendly “AUTO STANDBY Function” that switches the power to standby mode when there is no operation or input for a certain period of time.
  • 8) Gold-plated RCA PIN ports



Main features of RMX-1000 Platinum Edition

  • 1) Knobs, buttons and layout ensure intuitive operation through free control of musical progression
  • 2) Supports VST*5/AU*6/RTAS®*7 plug-ins so that same effects from DJ play can also be used in song production
  • 3) Includes special “remixbox™” editing software enabling effects and customization
  • 4) High-quality sound design delivers clear and powerful DJ sound
  • 5) “QUANTIZE” function for real-time music analysis and synchronization of effects with music beat positions
  • 6) “AUTO BPM” function automatically measures song tempo to correct effect cycles to prevent them from becoming out of sync
  • 7) Compact design for portability
  • 8) Can be used as a MIDI controller thanks to support for “USB-MIDI” standard


JBL PRX700 Series: NAMM TEC 2013 Award Winners!

JBL’s latest and most advanced series of powered sound reinforcement loud speakers have won their category at the 2013 NAMM Technical Excellence & Creativity Awards held on 24th January 2014 at Anaheim, California, USA.

They fought off fierce competition from the following to scoop the coveted prize:prx700_family_award


  • WINNER: JBL PRX700 Series
  • Electro-Voice ZLX Series
  • Line 6 StageSource L2t
  • QSC Audio AcousticPerformance Series
  • Tannoy VLS Series
  • VUE Audiotechnik al-8

This once again reinforces JBL’s position as the market leader in portable and touring loudspeaker systems.