An iPod and a playlist are OK, but there’s a reason why nightclubs, parties and festivals the World over book and pay for quality DJs time and time again. There is a reason why good DJs accumulate a fan base. There is a reason why good DJs have followers who will often travel huge distances just to see their idol perform.

Besides their technical prowess and ability to seamlessly mix from one tune to another, a good DJ will be able to feel and read the mood of the crowd and adapt what they play accordingly. They have an uncanny ability to play just the right tune at just the right time. They can take the music in unexpected directions, often to the delight of their audience. They can build an atmosphere, and take you on a musical journey. They can build a rapport with your guests and whip them into a frenzy with their performance. They can make the difference between your party being OK… or your party being AMAZING!

That’s something an iPod and a playlist just can’t do.

Many party hosts book their own DJs… and that’s fine! However, if you need a DJ, or a full DJ lineup for your event, then Ibiza Platinum Sound is proud to offer a roster of world class DJs, all of whom have been hand picked for their skill, musical knowledge and ability to rock your party.

Pete Gooding

Pete Gooding – International Music Machine Pete Gooding is a club DJ, music producer, radio presenter, blogger and label boss. But way beyond any name or title he’s a music fan. In fact, Pete is a Music Man. Thanks to his broad musical taste, deep musical knowledge and boundless energy and enthusiasm; he’s one of […]

Ben Santiago

Ben Santiago is one of the White Isle’s most prolific DJs. Since moving to Ibiza nine years ago he has held a number of enviable residencies and played for the biggest brands in the industry, including; Café del Mar, Cream, Pacha, Base Bar, El Divino, Ibiza Rocks, Cocoon, Amnesia, Es Vive, Manumission, and Hed Kandi […]

Graham Sahara

Graham Sahara is a long time Ibiza face who has been, and continues to be, a resident of the both legendary Ibizan super club Pacha Ibiza, and Km5 Bar Lounge for over a decade. Since arriving in Ibiza during the legendary party days of the 1990′s and he has graced the decks of pretty much […]

Gordon Edge

It used to be so simple: the musician’s made the music, the DJ played it and the crowd danced. Then one day Gordon Edge got his trumpet out and in one soul-tingling, passion-provoking blast, blew the lid off the party. “Like every DJ, I’m always looking for Ingredient X –the elusive element which makes a […]

Clara Da Costa

Around the time the 1990’s seminal Ibiza documentary, A Short Film About Chilling was first being broadcast, a 13 year old Clara da Costa was vowing to herself that one day she too would DJ on the island she’d been visiting since she was 11. Two years later, the girl who was to become what […]

Miss Kelly Marie

Miss Kelly Marie is a DJ, Producer and creator of the unique female music collective High On Heels. Hailing from the UK and possessing over 15 incredible years of global experience, Miss Kelly Marie’s credentials include an eye-watering list of worldwide tours, residencies and headline appearances all over the world. Emerging from a background of […]

Howard Hill

Howard is a relative newcomer to Ibiza, although he has been bouncing around the London private party and cocktail scene for years. During his first season in Ibiza in 2012, when he was resident at Atzaro Beach, Space magazine named him as Best Daytime DJ. That is certainly not to say that he only plays […]

Eve Carey

Playing worldwide for 18 years, DJ Eve Carey is considered one of the world’s top female DJ’s. She has a reputation and technical ability that rivals any DJ, male or female, in her class.  Eve has worked on exclusive tours for Hed Kandi, & Ministry Of Sound, Was an Official Ministry Sound World Tour DJ, […]

Dan Booth

There are few artists in clubland who can musically electrify a crowd whilst simultaneously invading their minds with an eclectic and mesmerising VJ show. As a veteran DJ, VJ, Producer and Visual Artist, Dan is one of the few who can make this claim. Having DJ’d for over 15 years now, Dan has a burning […]